Mr. Bruce Vasbinder, Chairman & Vice Chair of Marketing

Mrs. Lisa Griffin, Past Chair & Treasurer

Mrs. Ginny Samuel, Secretary

Mrs. Michele Carter, Vice Chair of Programs

Ms. Cyd West, Vice Chair of Finance

Mr. Luther Powell, Vice Chair of Membership

Ms. Celia Ray, Belton ISD Representative

Ms. Liz Davenport, Ft. Hood Representative

Ms. Sandra Forsythe, Killeen ISD Representative

Dr. Michael Novotny, Salado ISD Representative

Mr. Eric Haugeberg, Temple ISD Representative

Ms. Brenda Adams

Dr. Amanda Allen

Dr. Steve Anderson

Ms. Coleen Beck

Mr. Josh Clements

Mr. Mark Cockrell

Ms. Penny Curry

Ms. Doris Ellis

Ms. Shirley Gideon

Ms. Cathleen Harmon

Mr. Roscoe Harrison

Mrs. Jean Hess

Rev. Malcolm Hess

Ms. Inocencia Jones

Ms. Candace Martin

Mr. Brockley Moore

Mrs. Candace Mullen

Dr. Bobbie Reeders

Hon. Gregory Simmons

Ms. Cynthia Villafranco

Dr. Steve Vitucci

Ms. Angenet Wilkerson

Ms. Christina Wilson

Ms. Stephanie Yuni Kim

Proud Supporters